How to achieve zero food waste ✔

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There is nothing worse than having things go bad in your fridge, especially when you know that someone could have benefited from that food. Living on a farm, we tend to always have a surplus of fresh fruits and vegetables however. So how can it be that we have managed to reduce our waste to virtually zero despite always having so much fresh produce around?

Here is how we do it! 💪🏼

1. Freshness = longer life.

Because we get our produce straight from the farm, everything lasts a ridiculously long time. (Seriously, do you know how old things are by the time they get to grocery store shelves?🤐) Longer shelf life means more time to use the items! Yay!

2. Wash it just before you use it, not before!

Did you know washing fruits and vegetables right when you get them actually accelerates spoiling! Yep! Better to save the rinse till just before you need it and only wash what you plan to eat right then and there.

3. Sharing is caring!

Passing by your parents house? Visiting friends or relatives? A basket of fresh fruit is always a good alternative to a cake. Not only is it healthy, but it lasts longer and people always look so happy when you walk in with a basket of fresh fruits.

4. Freeze what you can’t use now.

Frozen fruits work perfect in desserts, jams, and smoothies. Veggies can also be defrosted and made into just about anything. Seasons are no longer an issue when you freeze, and our freezer is packed with frozen mangoes and strawberries that we use to make desserts all year long!

5. Make dog food!

Did you know you can put most types of vegetables (except onions and garlic) into homemade dog food? Even potato and carrot peels that would have gone in the bin can be added and are packed with nutrients. Rice + veggies + some kind of protein is the perfect meal for your canine companion.

Have other tips and tricks to using fresh produce before it goes off? We’d love to hear it!

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