About ELMazrعa

Elmazr3a is an online farmers market, a shop supplying only the best certified grade A premium produce and high-quality artisanal products in Egypt. Operating as a network of local farmers / producers, elmazr3a offers consumers a wide range of premium products directly from the source, while offering certified farmers and producers a fair marketplace and delivery network for their products. 

How it all began?

We grow mangoes. Having grown mangoes for export for many years, elmazr3a began with offering a range of export-grade mangoes to family, friends and colleagues. With their encouragement and enthusiasm, elmazr3a expanded beyond mangoes, partnering with other certified farms to offer a wider selection of export-grade fresh produce and eventually a range of other products such as cheeses, seafood, poultry and sauces. 

Elmazr3a’s aim is to become a one-stop shop for all fresh, high-quality and artisanal products in Egypt. With access to a wealth of delicious locally-grown and certified produce and a growing community of artisanal producers, Elmazr3a hopes to offer locals the best of the best.  

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