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(Balady Farms) Ribeye Steak (550g) ريب اي ستيك

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Brand: Balady Farms

In our opinion, Balady Farms Ribeye steak is the best steak ever. It is tender and at the same time contains a great amount of fats therefore producing uber-juicy and flavorful results.

To get into butchering technicalities, the Rib Eye muscle is the continuation of the same muscle as the Blade, but it is cut between the 5th and 13th ribs from the rib cage which is a section of the beef that does very little work (hence the tenderness).

The petite rib eyes are also perfect for ketogenic diet consumers who are watching protein intakes more carefully in the keto diet movement of high fat and moderate protein.

Our naturally grown Beef Ribeye Steaks is one of the most popular steaks BaladyFarms sell and it's no wonder, the rich beefy flavor of the meat is incased with moreish fat that crisps and renders in the pan.

One package of Ribeye Steak is 2 pieces usually weights (550-600 Grams) approx.

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