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(Balady Farms) Porterhouse Steak (1pc) بورتر هاوس ستيك

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Brand: Balady Farms

Delicious and substantial show-stopping steaks, packed with character and richly flavored, Balady Farms naturally grown beef porterhouse steak is fit for the biggest of appetites and most special of occasions 1 steak enough to feed two adults comfortably.

A porterhouse steak is cut from the same area of the carcass as a T-bone steak, just a little bit higher up the spine. This makes the Porterhouse a Sirloin-rib hybrid, with the distinctive T-shaped bone. Because it combines three steaks in one cut, a Tenderloin fillet, strip-loin, and rump. The porterhouse is a great choice for steak lovers with rumbly tummies.

But it isn't all about quantity, it's a marriage of textures and flavors that we think is unparalleled. So you can treat yourself with a porterhouse.

One package of Porterhouse Steak is 1 piece usually weights (470-520 Grams) approx.

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