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(Balady Farms) Osso Bucco (550g) أوسوبوكو

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Brand: Balady Farms

This flavorful cut becomes extremely tender when cooked for long periods of time over moist heat, making it perfect for slow cooking or braising. Hind shank is delicious served center of plate with rice and veggies or in soups and stews. While the meat is delicious, don’t forget about the bone marrow! Once you’ve made your meal, save the bones to make a flavorful and nutritious bone broth.

Osso bucco literally means 'bone with a hole' in Italian and is a classic cut in Mediterranean peasant cookery, If you're a fan of slow-cooking beef cuts like oxtail or shin, you'll be bowled over by our organic beef osso bucco. Taken from the shank of the beef carcass.

Sear your BaladyFarms osso bucco on the stove top in a cast iron casserole dish, then slow braise with your favorite veggies in stock for a minimum of 3 hrs. Your osso bucco piece will be a minimum of 350-500 gm

One package of Osso Bucco is 2 pieces and usually weights (550-600 Grams) approx.

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