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(Balady Farms) Fillet Steak (450g) فيليه ستيك

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Brand: Balady Farms

At Balady Farms, we know that the finest meat comes from animals that have lived high-welfare lives, and naturally grown, our fresh Fillet steak is cut from the prized Fillet, it’s an internal muscle nestled beneath the strip-loin. This is a muscle which really hasn't worked hard during the animal's life.

Lean, refined and soft as butter its smooth grain, delicate tenderness and refined flavor make it a joy to savor. Whether you want to impress friends, romance a sweetheart or just treat yourself, a Fillet steak cooked just-so is elegant, truly delicious and exactly the right side of show-offy.

Be sure you don’t overcook it not to lose all the juices and tenderness it’s recommended to cook it by medium stage.

The three types of steaks cut from the beef Fillet roast are the Filet Mignon, which is cut from the large end of the Fillet roast, Chateaubriand, which is cut from the center of the Fillet roast and usually cooked whole and then sliced and is the most tender part of the Fillet roast, and Tournedos “tails”, which are cut from the small end of the Fillet roast. Steaks cut from the Fillet are also known as "Tenderloin Steaks".

One package of Fillet Steak is usually weights (450-500 Grams) approx.

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